Fort Jennings veteran Dave Wieging addresses the student body at Jennings Local Schools on Veterans Day. (Photo by Liberty Ostenga)
Fort Jennings veteran Dave Wieging addresses the student body at Jennings Local Schools on Veterans Day. (Photo by Liberty Ostenga)


FORT JENNINGS — Veterans Day is a special and memorable day for many, and at Fort Jennings High School, that sentiment rains true.

The high school student council worked alongside the administrators to successfully create a day to honor the community’s veterans. After weeks of advertising and inviting those who served to our school, Friday, Nov. 11 came. Senior, junior and sophomore student council members welcomed the veterans into the school that morning and offered juice, coffee and donuts to those who came.

This small breakfast was followed by a presentation in front of the entire school. Kindergarteners through seniors watched as the pledge of allegiance was said and the National Anthem was sung. The Student Council President Tayla Finn began the assembly by explaining the importance of Veterans Day, the sacrifices that were made in order to guarantee our freedoms, and then honored those who are no longer with us before the playing of Taps by the band director Mr. Collins.

High school principal Todd Hoehn then followed, and as he introduced each veteran, they were given a small pin of the United States flag, along with a card signed by each member of Student Council. Two veterans were gracious enough to give a speech in front of the student body and talk of their time in the service. Justin Tumlinson, a current member, and Dave Wieging, a Vietnam veteran, both talked about the sacrifices that every veteran must make for the good of the country. In heartfelt sentiments, they truly conveyed hardships that come with being a member of the United States military.

After the conclusion of the assembly, the student’s returned to class and the veterans, along with the Student Council members, were separated into three groups. These three groups were then brought around to three different stations within classrooms. Jeff Jostiplle’s room showed the environmental class’s current soil testing project, Mr. Saine’s room showcased the new X-carve technology, and Mr. Bosch’s room presented the newest smart boards that our school uses on a daily basis. All of which led to their farewell out of the school as students lined the hallways.

Fort Jennings, though small, shows their gratitude for veterans in a large way. Taking a small portion out of the day to honor these amazing men and women is a small token of gratitude for all they’ve done for our country. On Veteran’s Day and everyday, we thank every veteran for their service.