Delphos City Law Director Andy Knueve, right, swears in Delphos’ new mayor, Josh Gillespie. (DHI Media/Nancy Spencer)
Delphos City Law Director Andy Knueve, right, swears in Delphos’ new mayor, Josh Gillespie. (DHI Media/Nancy Spencer)
DELPHOS — Delphos’ new mayor officially took his seat on Wednesday. City Law Director Andy Knueve swore in Josh Gillespie in front of his family and friends.

Gillespie’s first order of business will be to form citizen committees to draw on the expertise and knowledge of the community.

“I want citizens to become a part of the process for solving problems,” Gillespie said.

Three to five citizens, based on the number of requests, will serve on a committee, including but not limited to: Drug Rehabilitation, Safety Services, Code Enforcement and Economic Development.

Interested persons should submit a letter with their qualifications, including business experience and education, to: Mayoral Committees, 608 N. Canal St., Delphos OH 45833. Letters must be postmarked by Dec. 30.

Gillespie has already hit the ground running, meeting with department heads and all employees; the Allen County Sheriff’s Office to discuss the drug task force; members of council individually; the Allen County Land Bank to discuss vacant downtown properties; the Allen County Regional Planning Commission to discuss road repair plans for 2018-2021; and the Allen County Commissioners.

“Shane Coleman and I plan to attend Marion and Washington Township Trustees’ meeting on a regular basis to keep communication open,” Gillespie said. “After the first quarter of 2018, I also want to have Town Hall meetings where an overview of the city will be given, kind of like a ‘State of the City’ report on a quarterly basis. It will be open to all citizens. I also want to offer tours of our facilities to the public. We talk about a lot of things that the general public doesn’t understand. If they come and see the plants, they’ll have a better understanding.”

Gillespie said these ideas came from meeting with residents during his campaign for mayor.

“The majority of people I talked to wanted to see more open communication between the administration and council, especially during the budgeting process,” he said. “We talked a lot about what they see as the strengths and downfalls of the city.”

Gillespie will be setting consistent weekly business hours and welcomes residents to call and make an appointment to talk.

“I’m excited to see what will happen in the next two years,” Gillespie said. “The voters seemed to support what I want to do and the direction I want to take the city.”