DELPHOS — A local businessman and a concerned citizen each addressed council and a full gallery Monday evening expressing concern about the proposed Fifth Street Project.

Howard Violet, owner of H.G. Violet Equipment just north of town on U-20, read a statement he had prepared pointing out issues he and other local businesses wanted to make sure city council was aware of, including the amount of traffic with oversized farm equipment and other commercial vehicles using the Fifth Street Corridor; laws governing a bike path; traffic backups from slow-moving vehicles; snow removal; and if the bike path is mandatory if the matching funds are accepted.

Bob Warniment made his second appearance before council and asked for clarification on several points of the project.

He asked if Delphos or ODOT was pushing to include the bike lane and was told the bike lanes are optional and no one is “pushing” the city to install them. He also asked about right turns and how they would be executed.

Safety Service Director Shane Coleman said vehicles are required to yield on right turns to a bicycle beside them now and the new bicycle lane would not change that.

“It will be no different than it is now,” he said.

Warniment said he had researched the issue and that a turning vehicle should move into the bike lane first and then turn.

Councilman Scott Wiltsie thanked the two gentleman for coming and providing feedback on the project.

“A vote in this in not imminent and we are willing to listen to our citizens,” Wiltsie said. “This project is slated for 2021. We have time to look at this and have all questions answered.”

Councilman Joe Dray agreed.

“I think we need to explain this [project] better than we have and have you guys tell us your ideas as well,” he said.

Councilman Mark Clement asked all in attendance to keep an open mind at the end of the meeting.

“We have looked this over and truly believe this will improve traffic flow and better our community,” Clement said.

In other business, council heard on first reading temporary budget for 2019. The ordinance includes appropriations of $10,196,768, approximately 50 percent of last year’s annual budget, and will be in effect until April 1, 2019 when a permanent budget needs to be in place. The measure will need to be passed at the next council meeting on emergency or an additional special meeting will need to be called in December.

Also heard on first reading was an ordinance for the city to participate in a bridge replacement project with the state for bridges over Flat Fork Creek on First, Third and Seventh streets. This legislation is needed to move the project forward but could not be passed on emergency because Councilmen Tom Grothous and Andy Daley were absent.

A resolution concerning staffing needs at Delphos Fire and Rescue was tabled.