DELPHOS — Medical marijuana and the city’s options dominated Monday’s Delphos City Council meeting.

Safety Service Director Shane Coleman brought the subject up, letting council know that decisions whether to allow the cultivation and dispensing in the city are to be made.

“Many others are approving a two-year moratorium on the medical marijuana issue,” Coleman began. “You guys need to decide what we are going to or not going to do here.”

Coleman said 185 applications for dispensaries had been filed by June and none of the applications, as far as he knew, were from Delphos.

“This is worth discussing,” Coleman added. “We need to look at dispensing as a reality and be prepared to move in whatever direction you decide.”

Councilman Josh Gillespie was interested in the prospect.

“It is only legal for medical purposes and will be regulated by the state,” he said. “I think Delphos needs to look at this from a tax revenue standpoint and we need to zone things the way we want and work it right. We could see quite a bit of tax revenue.”

Tom Grothous disagreed.

“I’m for the two-year moratorium so we can get a better look at what is happening,” he said.

Del Kemper agreed with Gillespie.

“I’m with Josh. We wait and we’re out,” he said.

“I think if we get in on the ground level, it will help us on the long run,” Gillespie added.

Mark Clement wanted to know how the tax would work.

“It would be a sales tax,” Coleman explained. “It would also be regulated by the state that a dispensary couldn’t be within 500 feet of a school, church or library, etc., and we could make the local zoning even stricter. We just need to start looking at it.”

City employees will pick up 10 percent of the cost of their insurance again for 2017.

Council approved on emergency the ordinance to appropriate $570,000 for the coverage with Jefferson Health Plan with a 5-2 vote with Clement and Gillespie voting no.

Both asked to wait for a final quote from Anthem, which the Insurance Board and Board of Control had factored at a worst-case scenario and the city would still come out ahead due to a $66,000 deficit still owed from an alliance with OPEC-HC. The city would have to pay $211,000 just to break from OPEC-HC. The final payment on the deficit will be made in 2018. The city is no longer affiliated with OPEC-HC and is dealing with Jefferson Health Plan directly. The agreement with Jefferson must be signed by Nov. 17.

Coverage for an employee (with the 2016 cost in brackets) will be $58.86 per month ($36.34); employee/spouse $117.10 ($72.32); employees/spouse/1 child $138.70 ($85.64); employee/spouse/2 children $160.30 ($98.98); employees/spouse/3 or more children $190.26 ($117.48); employee/1 child $80.48 ($49.70); employee/2 children $102 ($63.04); and employee/3 or more children $132.02 ($81.54).

Last year’s insurance cost $529,636.

Coleman reported the traffic light at Fort Jennings Road and East Fifth Street would be fixed Tuesday and the light at West Second and Canal streets had been repaired.

“I heard a lot of positive comments about it flashing and talked to police, fire and rescue and maintenance departments and they seem to think it was workable to make that a two-way stop on Canal Street,” he said. “We’ll also get public input.”

City leaf pickup will be offered Thursday and Friday this week and Nov. 24 and 25 through Allen County Refuse. Leaves must be bagged and at the curb. Residents are reminded to not place leaves and other yard debris in the roadway as it makes its way into the city’s wastewater treatment plant.

Season pool passes will be sold for $35 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Dec. 1 in the city building.

The new Christmas banners are in and the Delphos Area Chamber of Commerce will put them up, along with the refurbished Christmas decorations they have been working, on next week.

Coleman reminded residents if they see a spike in their water bill, to check their toilets.

“When we see a higher-than-normal bill, a toilet in the home is the number one culprit,” Coleman said. “Call the city or come to the municipal building. We can help find out if it is the toilet.”

The city building will be closed on Nov. 23 and 24 and Dec. 25 and 26 in observance of holidays.