John Conrad Wellman was born in 1796 in Riemsloh, Osnabruck, Niedersachen, Germany and at the age of 45 he boarded the Bremen ship “New York” in Bremerhaven on 19 September 1842. Conrad was one of the 116 steerage passengers that included Theodore Wrocklage, Bernard Esch, Casper Mesker and wife, Casper Luersman and family and others, who were the first group of settlers to found Delphos. After a 36 day voyage across the Atlantic the “New York” docked in New York harbor on 26 October 1842. Also aboard the “New York” was Anna Maria Elisabeth Beckman, who would marry Conrad in Glandorf, Putnam County, Ohio on 7 January 1843.

Anna Marie Elisabeth Beckman was born 27 April 1817 in Husede, Osnabruck, Niedersachen, Germany to Johann Friedrich Theodore and Marie Elisabeth (Wilke) Beckman.

Conrad and Elisabeth came to Van Wert County in 1843 and on the first of October 1846 Conrad would purchase from the government, in Upper Sandusky, the eighty acres the family had homesteaded in the west half of the northwest quarter of Section Thirteen in Washington Township..

Children born to John Conrad and Elisabeth:

Maria Caroline was born 24 December 1843 in Washington Township, Van Wert County and was married on 15 November 1865, by Reverend Francis Westerholt, to John Joseph Schumaker, born in Glandorf, Putnam county on 25 January 1846 to Anton and Gertrude (Hansel) Schumaker. Maria Caroline (Wellman) Schumaker died 10 August 1887 and is buried in St. John’s Cemetery, Delphos. After Maria Caroline’s death John Joseph Schumaker married Mary Ann Rechtine on 8 November 1888. John Joseph Schumaker/Schumacher died 6 March 1925 and is buried in Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetery, Ottawa.

Maria Elizabeth was born 5 February 1847 in Washington Township, Van Wert County and on 13 June 1867 in Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Church, Delphos she married Joseph Eickholt, born 25 August in Glandorf, Putnam county to Bernard “Barney” and Elizabeth (Nieman) Eickholt. Joseph Eickholt died 29 August 1876 and Maria Elizabeth (Wellman) Eickholt died 17 February 1933 in Ottoville. Both are buried in St. Marys Cemetery, Ottoville.

John Mathias was born 11 November 1850 in Washington Township, Van Wert County , baptized at Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Church, and died 9 January 1857. John Mathias Wellman is buried in St. Johns Cemetery, Delphos.

John Henry was born 1 March 1855 in Washington Township, Van Wert County, baptized at Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Church, and was married there on 11 November 1880 to Anna Mary Feuerbach/Feirbaugh, born 25 March 1858 to Casper and Margaret Feuerbach/Firebaugh. Maria Anna (Feuerbach/Firebaugh) Wellman died 22 March 1894. John Henry then married, at Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Church, Delphos, to Julia Anna Gladen, born 27 March 1859, in Cincinnati, to Bernard Gladen. Julia Anna (Gladen) Wellman died 17 February 1928 and John Henry Wellman died 11 January 1932. All are buried in St. John Cemetery, Delphos.

Catherine was born 4 April 1858, in Washington Township, Van Wert County, baptized at Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Church, and was married in 1884 to Joseph Gerald Gross, born 7 June 1858 in Germany. Catherine (Wellman) Gross died 17 November, 1900 in Albee, Saginaw County, Michigan, and is buried in St. Mary‘s cemetery, Saginaw County, Michigan. Joseph Gerald Gross died 27 March 1947 and is buried in St. Michael’s Catholic Cemetery, Layton Corners, Saginaw County, Michigan.

Now the mystery starts with this family. On the 1880 United States Federal Census, the 65-year-old widow of John Conrad Wellman, Anna Marie Elisabeth, is listed as the head of the household, with a son, John, age 25, a daughter, Anna, age 16, a son George, age 15, and Josephine, age 9. The problem is, I can’t find any information on Anna or Josephine and the info on a George I found doesn’t add up. Plus in the “A Portrait and biographical record of Allen and Van Wert Counties” there is a biographical record on John Wellman, the John mentioned in the 1880 census, and it states there were only five children born to his parents. And John’s obit states that out of a family of five only Mrs. Elizabeth Eickholt survives him.

So who in the heck are Anna, George and Josephine? If anyone has verified info on them please contact me.

John Conrad Wellman died 1 January 1870 and Anna Maria Elisabeth (Beckman) Wellman died 27 August 1881. Both are interred in the old part of the St. John Cemetery, Delphos.