Missy McClurg was recently hired as the new OTC Adult Education Director at Vantage. (DHI Media/Kirsten Barnhart)
Missy McClurg was recently hired as the new OTC Adult Education Director at Vantage. (DHI Media/Kirsten Barnhart)
VAN WERT – The Ohio Technical Center at Vantage Career Center has found its new Adult Education Director. Missy McClurg accepted the position in early July and is excited to be part of the future of the Center.

McClurg, a Lincolnview graduate, originally went to school for accounting and worked for a variety of manufacturers as an accountant. It wasn’t until she participated in the Junior Achievement program that she realized she really enjoyed teaching.

“I had never thought of being a teacher but I did it, and I loved it,” said McClurg.

McClurg has spent the past 12 years wearing many hats at Delphos Jefferson High School. She began as an intervention specialist at the school and has taught business classes, was the special education officer, and the transition coordinator.

In recent years, she began seeking out and writing grants. In doing so, she collected $1.6 million in grants. The grants have helped to purchase over 600 Chromebooks for students in grades seven through 12 at Delphos Jefferson, helped to upgrade the school’s wi-fi, and helped to develop a business app. Nearly $1 million in grant money was used to build the Career Connections Center.

“With that, I did over 72 interviews with businesses to show kids what people did in the jobs around us,” said McClurg of the Center. “I created 45 different career paths for kids to explore.”

McClurg made sure that programs at the Career Connections Center covered a variety of jobs – everything from the medical field to welding, to give students an opportunity to try many jobs.

“It was based off the projected outgrowth in our state to 2022,” said McClurg of the programs.

Her involvement in that more recent experience and the connections she made while creating the Career Connections Center made her a perfect fit for the Adult Education position at Vantage.

“When this position came open, I came over and met with the school board and the administration and they described the job, and for me, it was like, ‘This is ideal; this is what I love to do!’” said McClurg. “Education has really shifted, and it’s exciting. It’s not a one size fits all approach anymore.”

McClurg hopes to grow the adult education programs and hopes to reach out to as many area businesses as possible to see what their needs are.

“In today’s world, we need to work with businesses in our area and figure out what jobs are available for our students,” said McClurg. “Vantage Career Center is all about how we can best prepare kids to best be employed.”

While her main concentration will be on growing programs and ensuring students are prepared for the workforce, she also hopes that she can bring her grant writing skills to Vantage and the OTC.

McClurg noted that there are many opportunities for those looking to gain credentials. The Ohio Technical Center has a variety of programs they offer including the new LPN program, which begins on Aug. 6; medical assistant classes, which begin on Aug. 6; police academy, which begins on Aug. 20; the CDL program, which begins its next round of classes on Aug. 27; and more.

For those who do not have a high school diploma, Vantage offers a program where students can gain a credential and a diploma at the same time.

“We need to do more customized training to meet those needs (jobs) across all industries whether it’s health care, manufacturing, or other avenues,” said McClurg. “We want to be a premier training center of excellence in northwest Ohio.”