Chip Moreo (right) poses with his daughter, Jenna, and son-in-law, Joel Schmidt, at a recent market. (DHI Media/Jim Langham)
Chip Moreo (right) poses with his daughter, Jenna, and son-in-law, Joel Schmidt, at a recent market. (DHI Media/Jim Langham)
LANDECK – Landeck’s Chip Moreo stood by his craft booth at an area market recently and was very laid back when he revealed the fact that he has built over 100 houses in his lifetime.

Moreo was still in vocational school when he built his first house. One of the 100 houses that he has constructed has been the home that he lives in with his family.

These days he has picked up a hobby which he shares in area markets and craft shows. He specializes in building fancy decorated small storage boxes.

His daughter, Jenna, and son-in-law Joel (Schmidt), share craft aspirations with Moreo. In fact, they have started to build their own form of crafts and have started marketing them in area shows. Quite often these days Moreo jumps in with them and travels to area shows with them.

Jenna admits that her prowess for building crafts came from watching and sharing the action with her father. Many of her designs and ideas for her own projects have come from time she has spent with her dad.

“I always enjoyed watching my father get into his work,” said Jenna. “I do wood things. I’ve never been afraid to pick up a saw. I took shop class in high school. My husband helps me; we make it a team effort.”

Moreo said that his box creations are built out of pallet wood.

“This is my winter hobby,” said Moreo. “Harley-Davidson and Ohio State University designs are the most popular. I’ve been a carpenter all of my life until 10 years ago. I still like to restore things. It’s something to help me keep busy during the winter.”

“I enjoy visiting with the people here,” said Moreo, while showing his projects at a recent market in Berne, Indiana. “I’m glad that we are doing this at the market.”

The recent trip to the market in Berne was the first-ever visit to the Indiana market.

“That is what I like about building my wood skills into building crafts,” said Moreo. “I love to meet people and see the various communities and what they have to offer. Every town has its own thing to market.”

The Schmidts specialize in crafts and decorative home creations such as plaques and home decorations. Jenna initiated the hobby that she and her husband worked on during the winter in preparation for summer showings.

“I show him pictures or drawings of what I would like to work on and then he constructs it,” said Jenna. “When he has completed the craft, I paint it and decorate it. We enjoy working on these projects together.”

“I learned a lot in watching my dad and how he uses his wood skills,” commented Jenna. “I always enjoyed being with him. I always look up to him.”

Joel, from the Berne area, attended Bluffton University. It was there that he met Jenna, who is from the eastern Van Wert County area. They were married and settled in Berne, where Joel is employed full-time by Habegger Brothers.

Joel graduated from Bluffton University in 2016 and Jenna graduated in 2017.

“I have always been really artsy,” said Jenna. “I love being creative. I enjoy living in the Berne area.

“This is a natural for us because I’ve always enjoyed tinkering with things,” said Joel. “Our hobby is a natural fit for us.”

“This is the first time we’ve ever had a booth here. We enjoy visiting with the people that come by,” added Joel.

“I really enjoy seeing my dad interacting with people,” noted Jenna. “It’s amazing how many people he knows. I really enjoy it when people stop and ask him for advice on certain things.”