A winning ticket was claimed in Florida for the $450 million Powerball jackpot on Jan. 7. No, I don’t have another residence in Florida so it wasn’t me.

I hope the winner doesn’t come forward to claim their payoff and say something silly like, “This won’t change me.”

I snicker when people say that. What a bunch of hooey! How can their lives not change? Even if it’s just the fact that they can pay off their bills and help their families. That would change me in a tremendous way. What a relief.

Who hasn’t spent time daydreaming about winning the lottery and what could be done with the spoils? Vacations to exotic places, closets full of new clothes and accessories and second and third homes come to mind.

When I dream about a smaller windfall (I don’t want to be greedy) I envision concrete driveways and a small patio out back for the grill and a table and chairs. Maybe the whole back yard would end up covered in concrete. No one here is big fan of mowing or yard work.

My furry companion would be in doggie heaven to have the back yard fenced in so he could roam at will instead of always straining the tie-out to the max or waiting for someone to pick up the leash.

What a huge relief it would be to have my house paid off and improvements implemented to my specifications instead of my pocketbook. We’ve all been there. Something needs fixed and the expert gives you two options — one more expensive and probably more efficient or the less costly. We take the less-costly option because it’s what we can afford at the time and then we limp along until the next time. And — there’s always a next time.

The paneling that graces my home would give way to something else, anything else. (Sorry, Dad. I know it was quite fashionable when you and Uncle John held your little paneling fest in the 1970s.)

New carpeting or perhaps hardwood and the entire house needs to be re-insulated before we put on that new siding.

My family would also benefit. I would pay off their mortgages and bills, also, and they would lack for nothing.

We’ve all heard the stories of lottery winners who are broke five years later. Not going to happen to me. I already have picked several financial advisors in my mind. I would set up accounts and just use the interest, preserving the original balance.

I also have a plan for all those new friends and long-lost relatives that would come flowing out of the woodwork. I would have a special fund with an administrator. He/she would have a list of criteria for granting funds and if they are met, they would receive what they are requesting. If not, sorry buster.

I don’t really have a long wish list of material things. I have very simple needs. At the end of the day, I just want to be happy.

Whew! Glad I got that all planned out. I’m now ready to win the lottery. Bring it on.

And yes, I play.