So, my husband said the most awfullest thing to me the other day. I couldn’t believe it! He said, “You know, since it’s just us, you don’t have to put up the big tree every year and mess with all those ornaments if you don’t want to. We can use the two smaller ones.”

Whaaaaaaaaaat?!? Are we the Kranks?!? Has the Grinch come to steal my Christmas trea?!?

My heart constricted a little. I love our tree!

I had never even considered it a possibility that I wouldn’t put it up.

My husband gets it out the weekend after Thanksgiving and sets it up and we make sure it’s straight. And by straight, I mean straight!

Then I start to fluff the branches. Sometimes this takes a while. I walk around the tree this way and that, pulling a branch over here and pushing one over there. You have to make sure all the holes are filled as much as possible. Then comes the extra greenery we bought to fill in the rest of the holes.

The next chore it to wrangle umpteen stands of lights that always need bulbs replaced every year. I get each strand out, plug it in and then untangle them and check the bulbs. Then I put that strand on the tree and go throughout the process with each one. Once the colored lights are on the tree, I get out the flicker flames, check the bulbs and place them on the tips of the branches. The tree topper is the last light.


Next come the decorations. We have worked very hard to get the perfect blend of ornaments. There are kitschy ones, fancy ones, ones we got on vacation, ones that the Pope blessed, ones that I made at Hometown Christmases, ones that came from a crafting session during a visit to my sister in Atlanta, etc.

While it is daunting when you haul the tubs of ornaments out, I enjoy unwrapping and unboxing them and remembering where they came from. I find a home for each one on the tree and then I move them around as I see a better place for them throughout the entire time the tree is up.

It takes me about two days to finish the tree if I stay on task. I have to be in the mood or the tree won’t look right so sometimes it takes longer. Sometimes the two days aren’t consecutive either. It all depends on what else is going on.

So now I’m thinking, wow, that would save me a lot of time to not put the big tree up. The outside lights go up pretty quickly and the rest of the house could be done in the same day. What would it be like to be done in one day?

Then I think about what it would like to sit in the living with all the lights off and there’s no tree sparkling and twinkling at me. Where are the presents going to go?

I’m just not sure how I feel about it.