This was going to be a life changing decision. For months we debated. For months we weighed all the options so numerous it made our heads spin. For months we explored, investigated, talked to friends and co-workers. For months I would wake up from a fitful night of rest in a cold sweat. Should we finally “cut the cable TV cord????”

Don’t get me wrong - we have not had any bad experiences with our cable company. We were really very happy with them. But there came a time when we finally couldn’t justify paying for so many channels we never watch.

So, we made lists of our favorite channels. What ones could we live without? Must have sports. (Just in case those Cleveland teams pull through for us). Must have HGTV (How else can I make my home into “A place we can entertain friends and family”). Not big on keeping the cooking channels…they only make me hungry.

What equipment would be necessary? Roku? Apple TV? Firestick? All a foreign language to me. Heck isn’t a Firestick something campers use to stay warm?

Friends said we may be able to “jail break” a Firestick? No thank you — I have enough guilt.

This is a big step for those of us who remember the days of three channels and the closest thing we had to a remote control was going outside to turn the antennae. We decided to ease into it and chose to do a trial weekend on one of the thousands of streaming options. When Bob pulled the cable cord off the TV, I held my breath. Don’t worry, it will be alright. It is the right choice. Things will be better.

That was just the beginning. Our new streaming service needed a login, needed a password set up, needed to find the Wi-Fi, needed a Wi-Fi password, check the internet connection speed. Then we discovered our nearly decade-old Wi-Fi router wasn’t fast enough or something, so I purchased a new Wi-Fi router. Reboot. Need a password, need a login. Check the connection speed.

Then we discover a splitter on the internet cable was causing a glitch (This was after research at 11 p.m. on why I was getting a spinning wheel of nothingness on my TV.) Reboot. Find the Wi-Fi, log-in, password please.

This is when Bob says “How do older people manage all this?” To which I replied “WE ARE THE OLDER PEOPLE and I HAVE NO IDEA! I think people have to go to college and get a degree or something!!!!”

So now we are on about one full month with our new “streaming” provider and we are definitely still on a learning curve.

I am still learning about all the apps to download (That is another subject I may have to write about soon), setting “My Favorites” and avoiding all the “Pay to View.” Occasionally I will hear “Now what did I just do?” from Bob, and he has heard “What the heck is this?” from me a time or two. I am sure with each day this will become more and more comfortable for us. But through all of this new adventure, I feel that I have earned the right to be called “Dr. Looser with degrees in TV, DVD, Wi-Fi Routing and Misc. Passwording.” And no, I will not be doing any house calls.