On my next birthday, I will be celebrating my 92nd birthday, so please have some forbearance. This, statistically speaking, might me the final presidential election for which I write an editorial.

Four years ago, I wrote that Donald Trump lacked the character to be hired by any major corporation in America, much less than to be president of the United States. At the time, I was not aware that he was playing blackmail in response to his wandering eye.

I was not aware that he would ignore pandemic scientists to the extent that a quarter of a million American families would lose one or more loved one to the dreadful plague — and that two thirds of the victims would still be alive if we had taken the steps that many nations did to protect their citizens.

I was not aware his astonishing lack of ability to deal with the pandemic would result in the damage to and the closing of thousands upon thousands of businesses and the destruction of millions of careers.

I heard that he had a history of “stiffing” many contractors, who had done work for him. I didn’t know at that time that he would be lavish in giving billions of concessions to people and countries that he hosted at his hotels and golf courses.

I did not realize how reluctant he would be to criticize Soviet Dictator Putin vs this country’s intelligence community. And that he would speak despairingly of those in the military, who gave their lives for this beloved country.

It is time for Donald Trump to go.


Murray Cohen,

President, Delphos Herald, Inc.