Delphos was home. This is the town where I met my best friends, where we played sports together, where we were involved in school organizations, where these same friends became my family and the memories made would last a lifetime. Although I no longer reside there, Delphos will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Growing up, I attended Delphos City Schools and graduated in 2013. Throughout the years, Delphos City Schools provided me with a strong foundation for my education. I am confident that the faculty and staff prepared me for my future.

Specifically, one program that Delphos City Schools offered, not only helped me succeed in college, but also prepared me for my career and everyday life. This program was FFA, led by Mr. Scott Elwer.

FFA taught me many important, practical lessons that will/has benefited me throughout the years. FFA offers experiences that I personally utilized in life that I would not have learned in any other class. Public speaking is just one skill I learned. I would have never thought I would be able to speak in front of crowds. Fast forward to my college graduation, where I was chosen by my classmates and professors to speak at convocation. Without this skill, I would have not been able to stand in front of a large crowd and feel comfortable. This is just one of many examples I could share.

Mr. Elwer taught us that with hard work and dedication anything is possible. FFA was not about what school you came from. It was about coming together as one to make a difference in the Delphos Community. It is extremely important to keep programs like FFA in our schools because this is where students make connections with what is being learned in the classroom to the outside world.

I urge you to please vote yes for the upcoming school levy. Good schools with great opportunities create well-rounded people in the community!

Thank you!

Caitlin Landwehr

Past FFA members

and president