As a parent of three adult children, all raised and educated in Delphos, I am proud of their accomplishments and mostly credited to the Delphos City School System. The staff and administration worked hard to make sure my children received a stellar educational experience to become contributing, engaged adults.

The passing of this levy will enable the exemplary programs and learning environment to continue. One of the programs that exceeds expectations is the FFA program, advised by Mr. Scott Elwer. Both Delphos Jefferson High School and Delphos St. John’s School are equally involved, combining skills and forming lifelong friendships.

My daughter was an active member of FFA throughout her high school career. Not only was this a school experience, but it was an experience that helped her meet the demands as she entered college and became a career-ready citizen. Through the leadership skills she gained, she was a better nursing student, her confidence blossomed, and her work ethic was enhanced.

My daughter respected Mr. Elwer for his high expectations, professionalism, and dedication. FFA is demanding, but it pushed her to be her best. She was extremely proud to be a member of the Delphos FFA Chapter. Through public speaking, skills tests, and stock shows she was able to compete in healthy competitions, all being taught by an outstanding educator.

Not only does the Ag. community understand the value of FFA, but the Delphos community will feel the impact of the lost program, likewise. It would be very difficult to get this type of program back, especially with the same educational rigor that it currently holds; the kids will be the ones paying the price if FFA goes under.

Please consider your vote; help continue all of the fantastic things the district has put in place for the kids of this community.


Cheryl Schmiesing (Edie)