Our kids attend Fort Jennings School, but we have a vested interest in the Delphos City Schools and the income tax levy. We are fortunate and have been able to open enroll our oldest son into Delphos City Schools for the past two years. Living on a farm and having family that are FFA Alumni, he developed the desire to take Ag Science classes and wanted to become part of the Delphos FFA when he was in the sixth grade. His interest peaked after hearing and seeing what our older neighbor kids were able to learn and pursue by being in the Ag Science Classes and the Delphos FFA Chapter. After looking at other schools that offered the Ag Science classes and FFA program, talking to other parents from Delphos and Fort Jennings, talking with Scott Elwer and principals at Fort Jennings and Delphos Jefferson, our son’s dream became a reality. Delphos City Schools and Fort Jennings School have been working together for years to allow students from Fort Jennings to open enroll and take Ag Science classes and to be in the Delphos FFA Chapter.

We voiced concerns about our son fitting in and we were assured right away that this would not be an issue. We were told that once the students enter the Ag Science facilities, they are the Delphos Ag Science and FFA students, not Delphos Jefferson, St. John’s, Fort Jennings and the home-schooled kids. We could not be happier with the education and experience that our son has had and pray that he gets to continue open enrolling and reach his goals of earning his Chapter, State and American degrees in FFA. When we attend Delphos FFA events, we can see that the students from the Delphos Chapter “get it.” They are one united chapter, a team, a unit learning and functioning together in harmony. Many adults can learn from this group of youth.

The pending income tax levy reaches beyond the Delphos City Schools’ borders; it is deeper than the Jefferson and St. John’s students and families. It impacts students and families that want to open enroll into Delphos City Schools. Since we do not live within the Delphos City Schools district, we do not get to vote on the levy; so we encourage everyone that does, please vote YES on March 17 for the income tax levy.

Matt and Carrie Calvelage

Fort Jennings