So today is day 94 on my quit-smoking adventure. I call it that because it is still a daily struggle to maintain my status as a non-smoker. At least once a day, I still want to chew my own arms off or … smoke a cigarette.

When I first heard the city was considering a no-smoking policy for the parks I was like, “Whoa, what? Come on. Another place I can’t smoke.” Then I remembered I wasn’t going to be smoking anyway.

I still felt kind of attacked. Smoking is not against the law as an activity, the location is what will get you in trouble. It just seems that a finger is pointed at smokers more often than other groups with what could be termed as a socially questionable habit.

We all know it’s not good for you. Neither are fatty foods, processed sugar or all those chemicals no one can pronounce in our food. Lots of things aren’t good for us. The difference, though, is that while you are smoking on one end of the cigarette, some else is breathing what comes out the other end.

While no one owns the air, everyone has the right to breathe air free of second-hand smoke. Just because I chose to smoke, it didn’t give me the right to force someone to smell it and breathe it in as well. It has been proven to cause cancer in smokers and non-smokers alike. How fair is that?

I know there are chemicals pushed into the air from factories and car exhaust, etc., etc. Still, it’s a personal choice to smoke. While many smokers are polite, some are not. Those are the ones who ruin it for everyone else.

There’s also those pesky cigarette butts everywhere. I had been guilty of it myself in the past but the last several years I smoked I was careful to discard my leftovers in trash receptacles and not on the ground. This came about after I watched the K-kids pick up thousands of cigarette butts from just the downtown area of Delphos.

Smoking is a bad habit, littering is against the law. I have seen the cigarette butts on the ground after a festival. Seriously. It’s bad. I’m pretty sure those who have to clean up after smokers don’t appreciate it much or care that it isn’t illegal.

Even after all these discussion points, we still haven’t addressed the main one yet. The park activities are mostly centered around children and we shouldn’t foster our bad habits on children. The coaches, parents and fans are there to mentor, shape and guide our youth to be good citizens and make good choices.

It won’t kill ya to wait a few hours to smoke a cigarette. Trust me, I haven’t had one for 94 days and I’m still alive! Or go to your car and not share your cigarette smoke with others.

The push behind this does not come from the city, it comes from the health department. They encouraged the school campuses to go smoke-free several years ago and now, the parks. Many cities have decreed their public common areas as smoke-free. It’s a movement. Get used to it.

I have a feeling the festivals will go on as usual with designated smoking areas and rude people will still throw their cigarette butts on the ground right in front of an ashtray and try to sneak one in an area they aren’t supposed to.

There’s always those few who ruin it for others.