An unusual and exciting item came to our attention here at the Herald a couple weeks ago. Not unusual as in “Aliens landed at Stadium Park” or as exciting as “Queen Elizabeth to attend opening day of local ice cream establishment” but unusual as in “How in the world did that come to be?”

Nancy, our editor, got an email from someone who said they saw a close-up of a Delphos Herald front page featured on an episode of the Travel Channel’s show “Mysteries at the Museum.” To those of us here at The Herald, this did rank right up there with a visit from the Queen!

Don’t know how many of you are familiar with this show, but at my house we watch it nearly every Sunday after church. Kind of a nerdy thing to do, but it is interesting and they do talk about some really neat things like how Teflon came to be or how Play-doh was invented or they might tell a story about important historic events. Many fascinating things you can drop into conversations with your friends to impress them.

This particular episode was on “The Manhattan Project.” The tale is about spies and nuclear bombs and other dangerous escapades going on in the early 1940s before and during World War II. Here at work, we all huddled around a computer, watching the episode when the host of the show turns to talk about President Roosevelt’s passing and President Truman taking over. And suddenly there it is! Up flashes the front page of “The Delphos Herald” announcing World War II had ended, along with a brief clip of a story from that was included in that day’s edition.

What??? Did we just see “The Delphos Herald” on network television? Why did they choose the Delphos Herald to illustrate this monumental point of history? I am pretty sure that news of the war was on EVERY NEWSPAPER in the WHOLE WORLD, including newspapers with much more fame and recognition. Yet the producers and directors, historians and researchers of this show chose the Delphos Herald. What are the odds of that happening?

Why do I bring this up?

First - so now I can say “I work for the Delphos Herald, you know….the newspaper featured on TV!”

Second - it gives us a burst of pride here at the Delphos Herald. So many times in the current blossoming of the internet, the print gets overlooked. We have been an important part of history and we will continue to write into history for many years to come. You hope the coming generations value print, especially in a small community, and how it covers our little area of the world when the spotlight of most media is usually on bigger and louder things. Our local paper provides an opportunity in every publication for someone to show their talents, share an accomplishment and become “famous” in their own way.

Third - you would like to hope someone who is watching “The Manhattan Project” will want to check out “The Delphos Herald” and the community that it serves. They may wonder where in the U.S. is Delphos? They may look us up on the map and learn a bit about us. Maybe come visit a museum, or try our local restaurants. They may even spread the news of their visit, giving others the incentive to come to our northwestern Ohio town.

I guess what I am trying to convey is that sometimes when we think what we do isn’t being noticed in our little berg, it is!

What we do here in Delphos, what we produce, sell, create is just as important as what they are doing out there in all corners of that big ole’ world. After all, you never know who may be watching and where it could lead! Maybe that visit from the Queen is not so far-fetched!