This summer has been a little disappointing so far for me. I realize it’s really only three days in by the calendar but I start my summer when the kids do — when school lets out.

The temperatures have been crazy — hot, hot, hot, then chilly. Then came the rain. A lot of rain!

I don’t see many kids out and about anymore. I see them on the way to the pool or their ballgames, but not just outside playing. My neighborhood has changed a lot, though. We don’t have as many young kids.

I can remember when I was young and there were a bazillion kids in the neighborhood. There was never a lack of things to do and we hardly ever stayed inside on such a nice day. Actually, our parents insisted we vacate the house. “Go outside. It’s a nice day. What are you doing in here?” they’d say.

We would get kickball games together that involved the whole neighborhood. The older boys would play touch football.

It’s a little different now. Some kids are glued to their phones, or a computer with iPod wires coming out their ears. Some never see daylight.

I couldn’t wait to get outside. Part of that probably had to do with the fact that I couldn’t always go out. I had terrible allergies and sometimes I would wake up a crusty, puffy mess and have to stay in and watch everyone else play outside.

We didn’t have the choices on TV like kids do now, either. There was no MTV or any of this other “idiot TV” as some call it. (I think it has its place. Just not all the time.)

Even when we stayed inside we played. The kids across the street had this crazy scary basement with a pool table and a maize of creepy, dark rooms. We played hide ‘n’ seek for hours.

The adults were all outside more, too. Again, a different time. Most families only had one working parent and mom stayed home with the kids. Moms and dads visited and traded stories with their neighbors and kids and dogs ran all over the place.

Thursday evening was reminiscent of those days. The kids across street were all playing outside and my neighbors were out on the porch. Ringo and and I stopped by on our evening walk. We talked about the resurgence of the muskrats on the canal. Ringo actually walked right up on one, grabbed it by the scruff of the neck, shook it a little and then let it go. Off into the canal it went. Apparently they aren’t good at noticing danger or predators.

Ringo has a routine when he’s out and about. The neighbors have a rabbit hutch in the corner of the front of their house. He visits them whenever the door is open. He “hops” right in and he touches noses with the bunny on the bottom rack and looks longingly at the one above and gives a little whine and out the door he goes. They are “his” bunnies.

They also have a cat named Boo. Boo will come to the front door and get up on his little step so his head pokes up above the bottom of the screen door and he and Ringo will touch noses and have a little conversation.

This has become an obsession with Ringo. He always wants to go up on the porch and check and see if his friend Boo is around.

Ringo knows how to neighbor!