Some days you eat the bear, some days the bear eats you.

True words.

This week and most of the last several, the bear has eaten me.

Most people have the idea that the media revels in murder and mayhem. While it does drive single-copy sales, Internet hits and Facebook reaches, and so on, I would much prefer to write about positive, uplifting things and tell you all about the wonderful things the children and adults are doing in the community.

I do enjoy covering council and that can get a little hairy at times but I would much rather report on someone’s 100th birthday or a fundraiser.

My heart has been heavy for weeks over the sad and sometimes frightening happenings in the community of late. Overdoses, suicides, home invasion; ugh, enough already. I visit Delphos Rocks on Facebook to cheer myself up. (What a great thing!)

I’m sure you’re concerned as well. It seems we are losing control and being faced with problems that we think are more common in larger cities. The reality is, they are everywhere.

What is the solution? I’m not sure that these issues are one-size-fits-all when it comes to fixing the problem.

It’s easy to sound off at the Liar’s Table at the local diner or put in your two cents on a Facebook post. I’m going to give some the benefit of the doubt and say they might have spoken or typed before they thought on a few of those.

I read comments from a post asking if perhaps a city-wide curfew might solve the problems we are facing. Um, not really sure if you understand what you are asking for. One reply asked why punish all because of one person. Valid point. Another wrote that it would be a little inconvenient to be stopped on their way to work every day just because they started their shift in the wee hours of the morning. Another valid point. A few times a week I am also out and about in the early morning or late evening hours. While I don’t mind talking to our officers, I don’t think I would enjoy being stopped when I’m minding my own business.

One resident has started a Facebook group called “Delphos Aware — Citizen-reported crimes in Delphos.” The group promotes community awareness, safety initiatives and neighborhood alliances. Proactive! I like it!

The page is a forum for suggestions on how the citizens of Delphos come together and start to take back their community.

There are a little more than 6,000 of us and less than a dozen police officers. I think we can all pitch in, keep our eyes open and get a handle on some of the things happening in our neighborhoods. Most of us can point to the house on the street where the trouble comes from. We all know but we just sit back and complain because nothing is being done. Well, that’s a whole lot more of nothing being done.

After 9/11, the “If you see something, say something” campaign started. I think it’s a great thing to start right here. We need to take control of our neighborhoods. The police cannot be everywhere all the time. We are a small city but still have miles of roads to cover. While they are on the other side of town, something could happen on your end of town and vice versa.

We need to start acting like we care instead of just saying it over a cup of Joe with our friends. We need to stop wasting our time clucking our tongues and shaking our heads and look out our windows now and then.

You know I’m a fan of neighboring. If you don’t know your neighbors, get to know them. People who talk and share time form a bond. We need to start connecting with each other and keeping ourselves safe.

If you see something going on that is illegal, don’t turn a blind eye. Call the police. If you are concerned about drug activity in your neighborhood, call the police. If something doesn’t seem right, say something.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease, people! Squeak away!