Trent Teman of Jefferson goes for a shot in their game with Bluffton Friday night. (DHI Media/Rachel Martin)
Trent Teman of Jefferson goes for a shot in their game with Bluffton Friday night. (DHI Media/Rachel Martin)
BLUFFTON — A rocky fourth quarter kept Jefferson from an overall victory against Bluffton Friday night. The Wildcats came back in the third quarter, jumping ahead of the Pirates, but ultimately, Bluffton came out on top 58-48.

Bluffton came in hot in the first quarter and quickly put up four points. Carson Soper came in with a 2-pointer and shortly followed with two more for the Pirates.

Levi Rode put up the first two for the Cats at the two minute mark the first period. At around the one minute mark, Pirates Donley Teman hit a three pointer. The Wildcats had :30 seconds to make a move but ended up losing the ball which was knocked out of bounds the first quarter ended 9-6 with Bluffton ahead .

Colin Bailey quickly made a pass moments in the second quarter to his teammate Trent Teman, who put up the first two of the quarter. The Pirates attempted to score on a steal but the Wildcats quickly took the ball back with no luck at the basket. Donley put up four points for the Pirates near the end of the quarter and knocked in two good foul shots.

Wannemacher quickly knocked in two for the Cats early in the third quarter and Rode swished a triple right after. Wannemacher grabbed the ball for a Wildcat turnover and found Bailey, who put in the first triple of third. The Wildcats were up by five when Wannemacher scored on a steal. The quarter ended with Bluffton knocking down two good shots at the line but the Wildcats remained up by four.

Donley led a comeback that sealed the deal for the Pirates early in the fourth with a steal and a pair of baskets. The Wildcats had a hard time holding onto the ball in the remainder of the quarter. Nic Essinger put up a triple for the Pirates to increase their lead to seven. Damon Wiltsie knocked in the last 3-pointer of the night for the Wildcats with :20on the clock but the Pirates held on for a 58-48 victory.

”Our guys came out hot in the third quarter and did a great job. We battled throughout the whole game but ultimately didn’t do so great in the fourth quarter. I’m proud of our guys and I’m looking forward to playing in the tournament,” said Jefferson head coach Jordan Jettinghoff.

The Wildcats will take on Bath on Wednesday evening in the sectional semifinal.

Jefferson- 6 12 22 8 - 48

Bluffton - 9 15 12 22 - 58

Bluffton (58)

Trey Boblitt 16, Trenton Donley 13, Carson Soper 10, Nic Essinger 9, Kyler King 8, Tyson Shutler 2

Jefferson (48)

Ian Wannemacher 17, Colin Bailey 13, Damon Wiltsie 9, Levi Rode 7, Trent Teman 2

JV. Bluffton 52/Jefferson 46