MARIA STEIN- The Spencerville Bearcats travelled to Booster Stadium at Marion Local High School for the first week of the Dvision VI boys high school football playoff action. The Flyers picked up the victory 48-7 over Spencerville on Friday night.

Marion Local got the ball to start the game and picked up 29 yards on the third play of the drive. Quarterback Nathan Bruns connected with wideout Nick Tangeman. The long pass set up a 13-yard touchdown run from Nolan Habodasz. After the Bearcats blocked the extra point Marion Local had a 6-0 lead with 10:18 left in the first period.

The Bearcats were forced to punt on their first drive but got a huge sack to end the second drive by the Flyers. Marion Local’s first punt of the game was a mini disaster as a bad snap sent their punter 20 yards back before he got off a punt that only traveled six yards.

Spencerville took advantage of the great field position. The Bearcats went on a 14-play, 41-yard drive that included three-fourth down conversions. The third and final conversion was a five-yard touchdown pass from Dalty Prichard to Kale Lee with 1:42 left in the first quarter. Conner Holmes added the point and gave Spencerville a 7-6 lead.

“We were able to keep everything blocked up very well on that second drive. So it was nice to have the reward of punching one into the end zone tonight,” said Bearcat football coach Chris Sommers.

Spencerville held their lead for 54 seconds over Marion Local. The Flyers hit a 53-yard pass from Bruns to Matt Rethman and three plays later Habodasz again found pay dirt from 2 yards out. Alex Klosterman added the point after for Marion Local and gave them a 13-6 lead with 48 seconds left in the first quarter.

The Bearcats failed to convert on a third and two and gave Marion Local the ball near midfield. The Flyers scored on the drive with a 10-yard touchdown pass as Bruns connected with Rethman, 20-6 Marion Local.

The Flyers scored five touchdowns in the second quarter including three touchdowns during a two-minute span aided by a muffed kick-off return and a fumble.

Brandon Fleck’s four yard touchdown run put the Flyers up 27-7. Bruns found Kyle Francis for a 13-yard touchdown and Tangeman for a 36-yard touchdown, 41-7 Local. Habodasz capped off the first half with a five yard run to put the Flyers up 48-7 going into intermission.

The 41-point Marion Local lead meant a running clock and a quick second half. The Flyers picked up the lone score when Jacob Harting scored from one yard out in the fourth quarter with 6:32 left on the clock.

Klosterman had his extra point blocked as he went 7-8 on the night to help Marion Local pick up the 55-7 win.

The Bearcats end their season with an 8-3 record which was good enough for a split of the NWC crowd. This was also the first Spencerville team to win back to back NWC titles.

“We are really proud of this team and the senior class. They are the first class to win the NWC at Spencerville two years in a row. We like how they have grown as leader and they brought a lot of character and integrity to this program. Which is something we hope the younger kids can grow from,” finished Spencerville coach Sommer.

The Flyers remain four wins away from their ultimate goal of a state title.