Allen County Sheriff's Office
Allen County Sheriff's Office

LIMA — Yesterday (7-21-2022) it was brought to the attention of this office that multiple concerning allegations were recently made on social media regarding a local Teens for Christ branch and a few of its members.

A letter was also found online that made serious allegations against a resident(s) of Allen County, Ohio. Through our research we have found that members of various groups and boards throughout the community affiliated with Teens for Christ locally were likely presented with similar allegations via a letter in recent weeks.

This office is asking for the communities help reaching out to possible victims in this case.

If you have any information related to this case, please contact our office. Even if you have spoken to another law enforcement agency or any other organization, we are asking that you still contact our office.

Sheriff Matt Treglia has preemptively reached out to federal law enforcement partners, due to the fact that jurisdiction has not been established at this time and we have yet to receive a formal criminal complaint. We would like to make it abundantly clear that no criminal complaint will be ignored regardless of who the suspect or victim is. Every complaint will be investigated to our greatest ability.

Information can be forwarded to Allen County Sheriff’s Office Detective Bureau 419-993-1413 / 419-993-1425 / 419-227-3535.