VAN WERT – Van Wert County OSU Extension director Curtis Young has said that most crops have reached the place of maturity, as far as grain production goes, as most area farmers are going to see.

He said there could still be a few bean fields, if they are still green, that might develop a little more if there is some good rain in the next few days.

“We have lots of bean fields now that are starting to turn color,” said Young. “Those crops won’t mature anymore; they are what they are. Once you start turning color, the grain is where it is going to be.”

The educator said that much of the corn is starting to dry. He noted that much of the heat in last week’s heat spell was having the effect of helping the corn dry down.

“We need to have the corn dry down to a more reasonable moisture level,” said Young. “Corn is denting; now we need to get things dried down.”

Young noted that farmers thinking about planting wheat should hold back until eradication of insect pests that could make their home in the wheat has occurred.

Jim Noel, meteorologist for the CORN Newsletter said in the latest issue of the publication that the recent heat and warmer weather will probably continue through the remaining part of September and into early October. He noted that temperatures will range from the upper 70s to mid-80s for daily highs and close to 90 degrees in the southern part of the region. Nightly lows will continue in the 50s and 60s.

“The first half of September was expected to be drier with a trend to normal or wetter weather in later September,” said Noel. “Indications are that we will remain at or below normal rainfall for most of the state for the remaining part of the month.

“Probabilities support our first freeze to be at or later than normal for this autumn,” continued Noel. “Typically it occurs in the Oct. 10-20 range for much of the state. It is highly unlikely we will see anything before Oct. 10.”