As a 1979 Delphos St. John’s graduate and a newly-retired teacher from one of the top-ranked public schools in Ohio, Cincinnati Madeira, I felt compelled to share my thoughts concerning the upcoming Delphos School levy. I would do whatever it takes to invest in the future of our children. Those choosing to send their children to St. John’s believe strongly in their child’s Catholic education and I would hope that all of us would value the importance of a solid education at Jefferson, too. It is obvious to me that both schools have dedicated professionals who care deeply about Delphos.

As long as my dad, Bob Arnzen, was alive, one of the things he truly believed in during his 61 years in Delphos and promoted was the passing of a Delphos City School levy. (So dad, this letter is written with you in mind)

As a passionate educator in three public schools for the past 32 years, I have been following carefully and studying Delphos Jefferson’s upcoming levy through their excellent printed material and social media. When I read comments on social media, it is apparent that many Delphos citizens are confused. I strongly urge you to go to meetings and learn from Jefferson’s superintendent, Doug Westrick, who is working diligently to educate everyone.

If I were living in Delphos, as a proud graduate, I would have my children going to Delphos St. John’s and pay tuition because of the caring, dedicated teachers I had. Would I still vote for Jefferson’s operating levy? Yes, I would, without a doubt!!! Why?

A. I value education both public and parochial. Good schools are necessary if we want to bring businesses and jobs back to Delphos. We have hard working people in Delphos and employers know this.

B. The community of Delphos needs to invest in ALL young people and give them the same opportunities we had growing up, and we always want to get better as a town.

C. I want the senior citizens like my mom to feel safe in her neighborhood. She has been blessed by amazing neighbors who take great care of her which is a reflection of two schools that are producing service-oriented, fabulous young people.

Public schools have to follow state mandates and so many regulations come with so little money.

INVEST in our future! VOTE YES, for Delphos City Schools operating levy.

Jeanne Guilick

Retried teacher