VAN WERT — The following individuals appeared before Judge Martin Burchfield in Van Wert County Common Pleas Court:

June 19


Jay Scheumann, 23, Decatur, Indiana, entered a not guilty plea to complicity to counterfeiting, a felony 4. He was released on a surety bond with a waiver of extradition and pretrial set for July 1.

Bond violation

Amber Worl, 41, Delphos, admitted to violating her bond by testing positive for illegal substances. She will be held without bond until Westwood evaluation is completed.


Bond violation

Jason Monroe, 46, Delphos, admitted to violating his bond by using a device designed to alter a urine drug screen. His bond was set at $25,000 cash or commercial surety and pretrial set for July 1.


Zachariah Germann, 32, Van Wert, entered a not guilty plea to domestic violence, a felony 3. The defendant waived the time requirements and telephone pretrial set for July 21.


Tate Arnold, 38, Van Wert, aggravated trafficking in drugs, a felony 3, (2 counts); aggravated possession drugs, a felony 3; and possession of fentanyl related compound, a felony 5. Sentenced to: 36 months prison for aggravated possession, 36 months prison on each trafficking charge, 12 months prison on the Fentanyl charge, all concurrent, credit for six days already served; and ordered to pay court costs.



Charles Miller, 64, Van Wert, theft from a person in a protected class, a felony 4. Sentenced to: 15 months prison, credit for zero days served. Ordered to pay restitution of $64,808 to Loren Pancake and pay court costs.

Adam Stripe, 43, Van Wert, theft, a felony 5. Sentenced to: 165 days jail, credit 124 days served, ordered to pay restitution to Pamela Waltmire — $1,460, Eric McCracken — $1,168.97 and Gary Spridgeon — $480; and pay partial appointed counsel fees, costs.

Amber Owens, 35, Van Wert, tampering evidence, a felony 3; and possession cocaine, a felony 3. Sentenced to: 30 months prison on each count, concurrent, credit for 14 days served. Forfeiture of $252 cash to West Ohio Crime Task Force. She was also ordered to pay court costs.

Anita Dunlap, 43, Toledo, three counts of theft, each a misdemeanor 1. Sentenced to: one day jail, credit for one day served; pay restitution to First Federal, Van Wert, $2,300; and ordered to pay partial appointed counsel fees and costs.

William Crutchfield, 47, Van Wert, failure to provide notice of change of address, a felony 4. Sentenced to: three years community control, 90 days of electronic house arrest beginning June 29, an additional 30 days jail at later date, 200 hours community service, no alcohol or drugs without a prescription, substance abuse and mental health assessment and treatment, two years intensive probation and was ordered to pay costs and monthly probation fee.