Dain Sutton, 18, of Defiance is the youngest and fastest to complete the Buckeye Trail. (DHI Media/Nancy Spencer)
Dain Sutton, 18, of Defiance is the youngest and fastest to complete the Buckeye Trail. (DHI Media/Nancy Spencer)
DELPHOS — The new record holder for the youngest and fastest person to hike the entire Buckeye Trail passed through Delphos last week on the way to his goal.

Dain Sutton heard about the Buckeye Trail and a few days later quit his job, called his mom and told her what he’d done and told he’d made up his mind.

“I’m sure she didn’t like hearing that but my parents have been very supportive,” he said. “They came to my aid when I lost my wallet and everything in it including my bank card and driver’s license. We found the license, that’s it. They gave me $200 to keep going but I’m not even going to use a fourth of that because people I’ve met have been so generous.”

Sutton started on his 85-day journey on April 24 a week after quitting his job. He took breaks for his birthday, his Defiance High School graduation (he is homeschooled) and some fun with friends and finished on Saturday. The Buckeye Trail is a 1,444-mile hike around the entire state of Ohio.

During his overnight in Delphos, Sutton met members of the Delphos Jefferson Marching Band in Stadium Park. The band shared their dinner and left overs with Sutton and he shared his story.

“That has been pretty much how it was the whole way,” he said. “I stopped to ask one guy if I could stay in his yard overnight and he invited me to his reunion at the family cabin and I stayed with them for three days. I’ve just really enjoyed seeing Ohio and meeting people.”

Sutton carried a backpack weighing upwards of 30 pounds on his hike. He loaded up on a few more pounds of bottled water in Delphos.

On Friday, Sutton met up with fellow Buckeye Trail hikers and finished with them at Independence Dam in Defiance, the same place he started.

Sutton replaced Cincinnati man Lucas Smith as the youngest and fastest to complete the trek solo.

Sutton hiked an average of 15-20 miles per day and as long as he was on the trail, not hiking wasn’t an option.

“You can’t stop. You have no choice. You just keep going,” Sutton said. “You get up and start the day and walk until it’s time to rest for the evening.”

Sutton has now set his sights on being the youngest to hike the Triple Crown in less than a year. The Triple Crown is the entire Appalachian Trail, Continental Divide Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail on the West Coast, which totals almost 8,000 miles.

He is the son of Brian and Heather Sutton of Defiance and has one sister, Sadie.